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Define Choices and Accountability

Webster’s Dictionary defines CHOICE as: “The right, power or chance to choose.  Suggests the privilege of choosing as granted by a person or group in authority that normally exercises power.
    1) Limiting choices to one of two possibilities.
   For example:  What would you like for supper tonight, green beans or corn?   The implication is the
child will be eating vegetables for supper.  He gets to choose which one.  
  This brings us to another definition.  CHOOSE:  To compel     Our responsibility as good and righteous parents is to help our children choose well.  

Being A Good Parent Takes Effort


Children want to make us happy.

Sometimes our leadership is ambiguous and confuses the child.

Despite what children say, they DO want you to be in charge. They expect you to mean what you say.

Find a way to get what you want without painting yourself in a corner if the child challenges your rule.

   We want accountable children who can take responsibility for their choices and not blame someone else.  How do we teach the principle of self-reliance?
   Decide what family rules are most important to you.  For instance, the most important rule for me was,  I want you to come, happily and cheerfully, the first time I call and I want you to say, “What can I do for you Mommy?”  

Have each child repeat the rules.  Once they have spoken them correctly, they KNOW the rules and they are ACCOUNTABLE for the behavior.

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