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Learn To Be The HOME Administrator.

Keep in mind, children learn by the letter of law first, then internalize and act by the spirit of the law.  This is a way of using positive repetition to teach basic social skills and societal norms.  Over the long-term, children will develop a personal, internal compass of values & good behavior.  Short term, these simple repetitions, will be completed happily, the first time and frustrations will be lessened.

Learn To Ask The Right Questions.

Parental unity is very important when establishing control in the heat of battle.  ‘Mom said, Dad said,’ should be the same when children try to sabotage the peace.

These three questions are all that’s needed with the Happy Face Token System:

   1.  What is the rule?  

   2.  How many happy face tokens do you have?     3.  How much does (the thing)it cost?

You Only Need One Chart!                                 Learn How To Use It.

Reward strong-willed children by using repetition and recognition. They love collecting tokens for a job well done.  The method of collecting and cashing them in is set by the REWARD LIST you make.  You determine what incentives will be earned.  The trick is to find what motivates the child to action.  Learn how to make this list so you can develop good parenting skills and mean what you say.

    Learning how to administer the rules of a happy home takes the sting out of  “anti-mom protests” and back-talk.      Mothers tend to take non-compliance and stinging language as a personal insult. (Children know how to get what they want when they are in control.) An administrator applies the rules and consequences according to the handbook.      FROM COMBAT ZONE TO LOVE AT HOME:  THE HAPPY FACE TOKEN SYSTEM  is the ultimate parenting survival manual!

Ideas For Rewards and Incentives With           Non-Compliant Children.

  Use INDIVIDUAL things the children like to do, as well as thing they don't like to do as INCENTIVES. The child may say, “I don't want to pick up my toys!  turns into, “Mom/dad will pick up my toys”..added to the REWARD LIST.  The price is determined by how willing the parent is to pick up toys.

The child is happy to pay the price and the parent is happy because the child is working happily and cheerfully to earn tokens!




The Happy Face Token System adaptable for most children ages K4-14.


  You Are The Giver of Blessings                 and Rewards!



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